NetLab Consortium

The NetLab (Seteratoriya or Сетератория) Consortium aims bringing together people interested in developing and using quantum and computation chemistry software through the network. It helps people to get an access to the quantum and computation chemistry software and gives an access to the original software developed by our group to the chemistry students all over the world.

Currently people from following institutions are using the software:

Terms of participation.
Currently the software supporting the access to the NetLab resources is in the stage of beta testing. For this period of time the access is free.
If you are not going to use too much of our computer time we would appreciate only that you cite the relevant paper describing each of the piece of our quantum chemical software as indicated in the corresponding short desciption of each program.
If you foresee or finally arrive to relatively massive usage of our software we would appreciate a joint publication. In this case please contact NetLab Supervisor.
In order to get an access to the NetLab software resources a tentative user will have to register as a participant.

For registration please complete the form.